South Asia’s first NFT marketplace launched by Wazirx a leading Indian Crypto startup.

May 9, 2021

South Asia’s first NFT marketplace has been launched by India’s leading and one of the successful crypto exchanges WazirX. It’ll be available to users from June 1st, 2021.

This marketplace is based on Binance Chain and this the primary reason why it is much better than other NFT platforms.
As Editor’s reports, the fees for Waxirx NFTs are many times lower than other NFT platforms and it is also faster and easier to use.

WazirX has started its NFT platform with 15 artists including 3D artists, digital artists, photographers, illustrators, and other artists. This platform is currently in the beta phase.

More opportunities are being given to Indian artists on the platform to better showcase their art. With this NFT marketplace, another use of WazirX’s token WRX has started.
NFTs can be bought and sold on this platform only through the WRX token. WRX is already used in many ways on the exchange and as such, the use of this one will strengthen the price of WRX. WRX has gone up very fast in the last three months.

One can take the benefits of NFTs with WRX Tokens and all NFTs are available at a particular fixed price.
Regarding this, Sandesh B Suvarna, VP, WazirX NFT, says –

“Today all the artists and collectors are excited and understanding the benefits, power and use of NFTs.
By doing this they are understanding the widespread use of smart contracts, artists, and collectors of digital art.
NFT platforms are also offering earning opportunities to their users

Vishakha Singh, Consultant NFT Marketplace WazirX says –

“ WazirX NFT Marketplace brings the experience and knowledge of NFT closer together.
So far we have been hearing success stories from East countries in this region. It is time for South Asia to showcase the rich and extensive art and put them on the world map.
Our inquisitive collectors and members of the 5M-strong WazirX crypto community will give us the necessary impetus to grow the NFT community within the region.

NFT is one of the exciting, newest, and emerging fields in the Blockchain and Crypto industry. In the world of NFT, people display and sell their art. earning millions of rupees by doing this.
This platform surely gives an opportunity to all the artists to showcase their art to the whole world sitting at any corner of the world.

This effort of WazirX will be very useful for artists and collectors. In the coming time, more on this platform A wide range of services can be expected. WazirX has had a tough time in banking over the past few years but WazirX has never deviated from its goals and is achieving its goals every day.

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