A technical Glitch made Georgia man an overnight Trillionaire

June 24, 2021

Can you imagine a person sleep like an average middle-class person and finds himself as a trillionaire when he woke up in the morning and then he came to know that he is richer than Jeff Bezos the world’s richest human being.
Yes, this has happened in the Georgia United States. A medical nurse living in Georgia USA experienced something similar to this. He went with excitement and madness when he sees the huge amount in his crypto account in the morning.
That thing is different than his happiness was only a little late.

Christopher Williamson -Photo Credit@ inside edition

Christopher Williamson, a resident of Georgia in America, became a trillionaire overnight without any hard work. All this happened thanks to his cryptocurrency account.
When Williamson saw his cryptocurrency currency account early in the morning, the wealth of US $ 1,184,158,683,482.77 i.e. about Rs 8.48 trillion had arrived.

What happened when you got the money?
Seeing the wealth of trillions together, Williamson thought that he had become the richest man in the world. They tell that they were watching it again and again and they logged on to their Coinbase App to know how they can sell it? He had also planned to take a Penguin Shaped Yacht, only then it came to know that the wealth he got was just a technical glitch.
The dream got Broken ver soon
Williamson also told during an interview that he had invested about the US $ 14 in a cryptocurrency named Rocket Bunny. Due to glitches in this account, its value reached in the increasing trillions. Christopher also shared this incident with him on Twitter and told how a technical glitch made him the world’s first trillionaire. These glitches on the screen may not have made him a trillionaire, but gave him the pleasure of becoming the richest man for a while.

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